Neapolitan Chocolates by Blok

Blok Creates The Luvit Cocoisms Neapolitan Chocolates

BLOK, the author of the displayed work LuvIt Cocoisms by BLOK points out, LuvIt Cocoisms is a range of Neapolitan chocolates from LuvIt, designed as a tasting palette of 4 distinct flavors based on increasing levels of cocoa content: milk, semi-sweet, bitter-sweet & dark. The concept aims to evoke curiosity among the Indian youth to explore beyond standard milk chocolate. Cocoisms is an initiation into the art of cocoa tasting, exploring increased cocoa in one's chocolate. Four playful personalities were assigned for each increase in cocoa content, starting with the Populist for the sweetest/lowest in cocoa & finishing with the Puritan for the highest..

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